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After the “walking” and “cycling” sections, we just want to show what you can find around us if you come to our Hostel with a car. As you can understand, there are thousands of spots that you can visit, but trying to avoid a boring reading, we’ll show you places that, in our opinion, you can’t miss if you’re at Hostel Llanes Playa de Poo

If we focus ourselves on the things that you can see on the eastern part of Asturias there are three villages – and much more, of course – that are really beautiful and deserve an afternoon getting lost in their streets: Colunga, Lastres and Villaviciosa, three towns with different characteristics but with something in common: the sea. We like to mention the Asturian Jurassic Museum (MUJA), a paradise for those who love dinosaurs, and of course for the kids.

Around 100 kilometers from our house, you can reach the two main cities in Asturias: Oviedo and Gijón (sorry Aviles, you’re a little bit further, but we love you). Oviedo is the capital of this region, and its charm is undeniable: walk around the medieval town, with all the monuments that the city has, enjoy the fantasic view over the city from the Naranco hill – with two of the key prerromanic monuments around the world, Santa María del Naranco and San Miguel de Lillo -, and have a great lunch with our beloved sidra (cider) at Gascona street will leave you an awesome taste on your mouth. With Gijón happens the same: the promenade, a good play or concert at Jovellanos Theater, or just a funny night at Cimadevilla will convert your visit in something special.

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Picos de Europa itself deserves thousands of pages. If Asturias is known as a “Natural Paradise” is because of this incredible mixture of sea and mountains. From our Hostel, there are 4 different acces to the Picos, and one of them is special for all the asturians: Covadonga.

This year we celebrate the Basilica de Covadonga centenary, and also 100 years after the creation of Picos de Europa National Park, so is an essentialvisit enjoy Covadonga and then go uphill to the lakes Enol and Ercina, the heart of Picos de Europa, to hike on different routes in a natural environment, not easy to overcome all around the world.

But there are more options in Picos. The Cares Route is the mainly route in Asturias, following the Cares river inside coombs that will make you feel like an ant surrounded by natural giants. Besides, Potes and Sotres are two differents spots where you can enjoy the amazing nature that Asturias has, and even Fuente Dé, in Cantabria, with its cableway, is easily reachable from our house.

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And of course, Cantabria. We’re so close to the boundary that separates this two twin regions that we must speak about a few of its multiple beautiful spots. First one, San Vicente de la Barquera, a really charm sea town. The monumental Santillana del Mar, the Gaudi’s Capricho at Comillas, and of course, the capital, Santander, make Cantabria a really amazing region to discover.