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Take some time to find yourself on the nature. Rest. Visit our beaches, walk over the cliffs, cross a river. Know. Take breakfast with us with our local and natural products. Share.


Terrace overlooking the Cuera

Bio-Hostel Llanes Playa de Poo between the Picos de Europa National Park and the Cantabric Sea. Here are the grandparents the ones who shows us the love for the nature. An ancient and deep love based on the respect and admiration, as a third grandma is loved.

We know that we belong to the ecosystem where we live inc We’re consequence and engine; take care of our rivers, our beaches or our mountains is also take care of our grandparents and grandsons; is take care of ourselves

In our ecologist there is much more of self love and love for what we have than just words. Are roots that are so deep that make difficult separate them from our spirituality. Probably because is not neccesary.

Deep roots, as the Way of St. James, bring to our table travelers from different countries and spiritualities, end even also from different football teams, and that create a multicultural atmosphere in which the chats are usually in three or more languajes

So close to the Picos de Europa and the Cantabric Sea, is easy to understand how small we are, and although we belong to the nature cycles, probably we are the momentary fad.

¨Better than a strict order, is an armonic disorder¨

Paz Espada – Painter and first “pijama guest”