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Who can imagine that there are so many things so close to our Hostel? First of all, our small town: Poo (before we continue, for english and deutch speakers, no, Poo DOESN’T MEAN what you think 😉 ). Besides its beauty and its people, Poo’s landmarks are the beach an the San Vicente church, few steps from our Hostel Llanes Playa de Poo. But that’s not all, in Poo you can find a restaurante, bar, grocery store and even a Surf School! Not bad for a less tha 500 inhabitants town right?

As the closest place to Poo (stop laughing please, I see you…) Llanes is the next FYC place. Preferent spot on the Asturias eastern cost, you can’t skip a walk through its medieval town (church, wall, tower…), walk without direction finding the precious places hidden in the streets, and of course, enjoy the walking experience over the Paseo de San Pedro. Besides, there are a lot of restaurants with traditional an local food – Llanes fishing port makes that the fish is from the sea to the plate – child libraries, bakeries, shops, beach, sports center… Resuming, all kind of activities and services for you to enjoy your estance.

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But there are more, much more… Crossing Llanes to the east, you can find Cué, a town with a beautiful church and beach, and, from there and for those who have decided to do a full day hiking, you can find y desde allí, y para aquellos que hayan decidido dedicar el día por completo a caminar, se llega hasta la Ballota Beach – one of the most beautiful beaches from all the region -, an to the  Boriza viewpoint, where you can hace a full view of the whole coast and also, looking to the south, to the Cuera mountain range.

And what do we have on the other side of Poo? (one laugh more and I stop writing!) Just following the GR-E9 Route direction to Celorio we find, 25 minutes far from Hostel Llanes Playa de Poo, San Martín beach, a non overcrowded beach, amazing surfing beach when the sea is ok. Walking further on the GR-E9 Route, Celorio and its beaches – Palombina, Borizu – deserves more than a picture, and suddenly you’ll find the Niembro estuary and it’s amazing graveyard – astonishing with high tide -. And from there, we’re close to two essential beaches on the Asturian coast: Toranda, y especially Torimbia and its surroundings are, for sure, “must see” places.

But there is one more thing, Porrúa. Town located 3 km inlands from Poo, where you can find much of the cultural and historic essence from this region. Houses, the natural surroundings, define exactly what is, and what we hope to be for years, our land. If you want to know more, don’t miss visit its Eastern Asturias Ethnografic Museum, and its  Tradicional Market in August.