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Hostel Llanes Playa de Poo is made by lots of different people. No doubt about that our guests are the main reason of our work, but we have this kind of guests that make our house more magical. We’re speaking about our volunteers.

Working with two online platforms (HelpX & Workaway), our e-mail info@alberguellanes.com or even in our door, we find people from all over the world, that have spend their time and help us during some weeks, and a part of them stays fixed to our Hostel’s walls. This essence is the one that Hostel Llanes Playa de Poo wants to transmit to our guests. Share experiences, mutual knowledge transmission, discover and learn from different cultures makes everyone grow, so that’s what we want to create in our Hostel.

So, thanks to this platforms, anyone all around the world can be able to know and visit us. In exchange to their help in the Hostel, they will be able to enjoy during two weeks the philosophy that we try to expand from here, about cultural exchange and personal growing, no matter where the guest come from.