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Bring your friend with you! All kind of pets are welcome in our Hostel, not for nothing our Hostel queen is called Isabel, a lovely two years old cat that always make us smile, and our princess Khaleesi, that starts to claim the kingdom… So, Hostel Llanes Playa de Poo allows the guests to come with their pets if they book a complete room, because we’re pets friendly, but we can´t allow to have animals in the rooms if you share it with other people, because we don’t know if they are pets friendly too.

Our place and the environment is perfect to take a walk with your pets. From a relaxing walk by the GR-E9 route that goes around all the region beaches, to be an acces point to the mountain routes in Picos de Europa, Hostel Llanes Playa de Poo offers an special place to enjoy relaxing days with your lovely pets