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Collaborating with Llanes Surf & Aventura  surf School, our hostel offers the possibility to enjoy paddle-surf lessons for every kind of people, from those who want to start in this amazing world to people who tries to improve their technique with Asturias professional surfers.

Paddle-surf was born in Polinesian islands, as a way to travel over the sea, standing in a board with the help of a paddle. The expansion starts from the Hawaiian island to the rest of the world, because this sport can be done in every calm water: rivers, lakes, beaches…


The users must go by their own way to the course’s point. The access to the sea will be only with the swimsuit, so each user must left their personal stuff in their vehicle or in the monitors vehicle

Due to security reasons, the courses are avalaible if the sea and the weather are optimum, so the monitor can choose the beach knowing the weather and sea forecast. If the course must be cancelled due to this reasons, other schedule another day will be proposed, and if someone can´t assist in that new schedule, Llanes Surf & Aventura surf School will give back the money if someone asks for it.