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As in our walking section we tell you about the closest and most beautiful places you can find walking from Hostel Llanes Playa de Poo, next step is show the enviroment for cycling lovers. Starting going to the west, the fist thing is San Antolín beach, a beach open to the Cantabric sea which has nothing less than other great surf beaches all around Europe. And, ass something absolute opossite, the Gulpiyuri beach… Better if you go there without a preview, we promise that you’ll get surpised

Continuing direction to Ribadesella – seaside an touristic town with an special charm-we find the Huelga beach and Guadamia beach , and, almost half distance between them, Cuevas del Mar beach, an absolute natural postcard.

But the best is still waiting: Bufones de Pria and Hell’s Cliffs. They are two essential places where you can enjoy (safely please) the strenght of the sea…. The environment is spectacular when the sea is calm, and you can’t imagine how amazing is when you visit it during a sea storm, mostly in winter


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We want to take our time to speak about the Camin Encantau route. One of the things that define the Asturian population is the love that we have for our land, our tradition and our essence – folklore, gastronomy, mithology… -, and this route is a perfect way to know a little bit about our culture. In the route, you’ll enjoy a magical and peaceful environment, and also you’ll learn a lot about our magical tradition.


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But still, there are much more things. To the east you can see the Peña Tú Idol, a neolithic collection of rock carvings and paintings made by the ancient inhabitants of this region. Besides, there are another two “bufones” spots: Arenillas and Santiuste, next to Vidiago town. Speaking about beaches, we can mention a lot, but maybe Bretones beachLa Franca beach, and, especially, Cobijeru, are the most beautiful you can find.

About other things you can visit, Pendueles town beauty is undeniable, and, as before we spoke about the Camin Encantau route, other beautiful route is the Purón river route, a walk inside the asturian forest. We can`t forget the  Pindal caves , located in Pimiango, a spanish Paleolithic jewel, UNESCO wold heritage.

Finally, we strongly recommend a visit to Colombres  town and its Archivo de Indianos. Eastern part oh Asturias has drunk from the emigration that, at the end of XIX century and starting XX century had to move to America to find a better life, a future. When they came back, the different towns in the region changed, the buildings of course, but not only that. This knowledge you can find in the Archive is indispensable to finally fall in love with our land.