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In our Hostel Llanes Playa de Poo, we’re really concerned about how we eat, and this is the reason why our buffet breakfast is based in the closest products we can have:

  • We have hens (and a cock, but he doesen’t produce), so their eggs are basic in our buffet, in different ways.
  • The fruit and vegetables, we try to have it from our garden, but when the ground doesn’t give us gifts, we always buy quality and local (as far as we can) products.
  • Milk and other lactic products are brought to us by LecheLeche.coma local cooperative of milk producers which serve fresh products every day.
  • About the bread (daily and toast bread), is prepared by a local bakery: Panificadora Lofer
  • Besides, we prepare different jams with our fruit, we add cold meat to the buffet, and of course a huge variety of tasty bakery products, to make the breakfast experience for our guests amazing.

And of course, don’t forget that our kitchen is available for the guests to cook, so there is no excuse to eat badly in our house!!